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Providing DUI Defense for Buena Park, CA:

Buena Park DUI Attorney

The Law Office of Barry T. Simons provides experienced representation and legal guidance to persons who have been arrested on DUI charges. Benefiting from decades as a defense attorney, Mr. Simons leads a highly qualified legal team that has helped many people beat these charges and keep their driver’s licenses. We realize that this is a difficult and even overwhelming ordeal to go through, and we’ll employ every legal strategy we can in order to help you get your life back to normal.

We have a number of tactics at our disposal to use in your defense. One of these is to challenge the sobriety test itself. While a lot of people believe that these kinds of tests are infallible, the truth is quite different. In fact, a number of studies have been published that demonstrate the subjectivity and unreliability of sobriety tests. An officer’s incompetence or personal biases can produce a highly inaccurate reading, and we can use this argument in your defense.

What You Need to Know

Our team of Buena Park lawyers has an enormous amount of collective knowledge and experience that you can rely upon to defend yourself against these charges. There is no time to lose—be sure to contact us ASAP after your arrest so we have the time we need to prepare a solid defense for you. Remember, you have only ten days to schedule a hearing after your arrest; if you fail to do so, your license will be suspended automatically.

To avoid paying huge fines, losing your license, and possibly going to jail, you need skilled legal professionals in your corner. That’s what you’ll find at the Law Office of Barry T. Simons. The process of defending against DUI charges can be confusing; we’re here to help you cover all your bases and explore all relevant avenues. To hire a Buena Park DUI attorney who will act as the advocate you need during this time, contact us today.

Buena Park-area DMV
Fullerton DMV
909 W. Valencia Drive
Fullerton, CA  92832

Buena Park-area courthouse:
North Justice Center
1275 North Berkeley Avenue
Fullerton, CA  92832-1258

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