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Barry T. Simons is a specially trained expert DUI Defense Attorneys. Our legal team is comprised of professionals who have dedicated themselves to exacting continuing legal education which makes them prepared to offer the best possible defense for your DUI case.  Mr. Simons is the co-author of “California Drunk Driving Law” and is required to update the book and keep current with new cases and new laws constantly.  He is considered an authority on DUI law that other lawyers look to.

Barry T. Simons has been providing DUI Defense in Orange County, California for the last 40 years. In that time, he has become a nationally-recognized leader in the defense of DUI cases. He has spent the last 40 years teaching other lawyers how to improve their skills and knowledge in the highly specialized field of DUI Defense at legal education programs sponsored by The California Bar Association; The California DUI Lawyers Association; California Attorneys For Criminal Justice; California Public Defenders Association; The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; The National College for DUI Defense and at DUI Seminars throughout the County.  Mr Simons has also lectured and has provided training for California DMV Hearing Officers and Forensic Scientists from the Orange County Crime Lab.



The legal team that has been assembled at the Law Office of Barry T. Simons is comprised of attorneys, paralegals, expert witnesses, forensic toxicologists; accident reconstruction experts and investigators who collaborate in a unified effort to give you the best defense possible. The collective effort of our expert professionals allows us to work together and identify the most successful strategies to defend DUI charges ranging from 1st offenses to DUI Murder. Mr. Simons and his legal team have access to top experts in forensic toxicology and pharmacology. These skilled professionals work hand-in-hand to analyze and evaluate the important scientific issues and defenses related to your Orange County DUI case.




We have handled over 8000 cases over the last 40 years and understand the legal, scientific and factual issues that are present in these cases. We know how to challenge deficiencies in police administration of field sobriety tests to effectively undermine police opinions of sobriety. We know how to challenge the accuracy, precision and reliability of breath testing and blood testing.  We have the experience necessary to expose police misconduct and know how to challenge unlawful police detentions and arrests.

While knowledge of the law and science is critical to defending DUI charges, knowledge of the system is essential.  Criminal defense lawyers are very different from most other lawyers because we deal with the same judges and prosecutors all the time.  A lawyer’s reputation in the Courthouse is his greatest asset.  Being respected and trusted as a professional by judges and prosecutors enhances an attorney’s ability to advocate on behalf of his client.  Years of experience and knowledge of the people who make up the court system is an invaluable asset that can be utilized in navigating a client’s case through court.


We also understand the unique and special needs of our individual clients.  They come first, they are foremost! It is the culture of our firm to be proactive to assure that the clients particular needs are addressed in any resolution of their case’ whether by negotiations or litigation.  We understand that the direct and indirect consequences of a DUI conviction have long standing and profound effects upon our client’s lives.  We will use all of our knowledge and talents to review your case and try to find a way to win!  That is our goal. That is our culture.  But, let’s be honest, that doesn’t happen in every case.  Sometimes you win by not losing.   Sometimes the best resolution is a compromise where you balance the risks and the rewards.  Sometimes a DUI charge is a symptom of a greater problem that needs to be addressed and the solution to that bigger problem can be the solution to the legal problem.  This is where (40) years of experience and 8000 cases matters!  Knowing how to help and when to help.


We specialize in caring for the special needs of our Professional  clients.  We represent Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Realtors, Teachers and all other professionals who are licensed by the State of California and face reporting requirements and disciplinary actions by their Boards.  We not only vigorously defend their DUI charges but also coordinate action in anticipation of disciplinary action to minimize the chances of a license revocation.

We also represent many business executives who have special needs and travel requirements that create challenges that need to be addressed in creative ways.

Out of State residents also have very special needs which have to be addressed so as to avoid unintended consequences in their home state.

Every client that we serve can count on us to be there to help them in the future to do whatever is legally possible to sanitize their DUI record.  We offer our services to all of our clients to file Motions to Withdraw Pleas or Verdict of Guilty after probation and are available to consult with former clients who need advice filling out employment applications.



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By Barry T. Simons: “It is my honor and privilege to fight for my clients; challenge unjust laws; protect our Constitution and to be a thorn on the side of injustice”.

By Barry T. Simons: “It is my honor and privilege to fight for my clients; challenge unjust laws; protect our Constitution and to be a thorn on the side of injustice”.