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Providing DUI Defense for Los Alamitos

Los Alamitos DUI Attorney

Los Alamitos DUI Attorney

The Loa Alamitos Police have video cameras in their units which record the enforcement stop, the field sobriety tests and any breath tests given in the field. These video tapes can provide important information for an experienced DUI defense lawyer who obtain the tapes, review them and find errors in police procedures that will assist in your defense.

If you are in need of a Los Alamitos DUI lawyer, it’s important to find representation with sufficient experience and qualifications. The Law Office of Barry T. Simons has been defending DUI cases for decades in Los Alamitos and the surrounding Orange County area. Our firm is especially suited to successfully defend DUI cases of all types.

For our talented legal team, the key to the best DUI defense is a comprehensive approach. We utilize every possible legal and scientific issue in your defense, and one of the most commonly overlooked issues is the use of sobriety tests used on the side of the road by law enforcement. These tests are often performed without proper training; as a result, the determination about your sobriety ends up being highly subject and prone to inaccuracies.

If the law enforcement agency that arrested you in Los Alamitos recorded the DUI investigation, the Law Office of Barry T. Simons, will review any Patrol videos or Mobile Video System recordings that may be available after your arrest to provide you with every available defense to try and win your case. In many cases the law enforcement measure a DUI case based on what you did wrong. However, a strong defense looks at what you did correct in your DUI investigation and what the officer may have done wrong. For a thorough review of your DUI arrest, contact a Los Alamitos DUI attorney at the Law Office of Barry T. Simons.

What You Need to Know

Time is of the essence in any DUI case. Your opportunity to mount a successful defense begins as soon as you are charged. In the 10 days that follow, you must schedule your hearing and find the right representatives to defend you. Failure to act during this timeframe will mean the automatic suspension of your license and the potential for additional fines and even time in jail.

It is imperative that you act and contact us as quickly as possible. The more time we have to construct your defense, the greater the chances that you’ll be able to successfully defend yourself and keep your driver’s license. The Law Office of Barry T. Simons is dedicated to the hard work necessary to win your case and help you move on with your life. A DUI charge is a challenging thing, but with Barry T. Simons on your side, you can prevail.

 Discovery Items

Los Alamitos Police Department has Patrol Videos and Audio of the initial contact.

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By Barry T. Simons: “It is my honor and privilege to fight for my clients; challenge unjust laws; protect our Constitution and to be a thorn on the side of injustice”.

By Barry T. Simons: “It is my honor and privilege to fight for my clients; challenge unjust laws; protect our Constitution and to be a thorn on the side of injustice”.